Who is Scott Ford?

Good question. I am the bass player for the Twilight Singers and the Gutter Twins. I have played with many folks over the years and my ego really wants to list them here, but I won’t. I am also a recovering alcoholic, sober since 1989, and I try to help as many  people as I can recover form addiction and alcoholism. Trust me it’s not altruistic, it keeps me alive. I live in Los Angeles with my wife and daughter.

Who are the Twilight Singers

TS is a project started by Greg Dulli after the breakup of the Afghan Whigs, I have been in the band since 2002. We are planning to release our fifth album in 2010/11 with a world tour to follow.

Is it true that most jazz sucks?


3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi Scott. I’m the wierd guy you sat next to on the flight between ATL and LHR on Monday/Tuesday.
    You will have gathered that I love music. I’ve been researching since I got back, and downloading Twilight Singers stuff today – I am both upset and delighted that I hadn’t heard TS before. Upset because I’ve been missing it, delighted because it gives me a whole new batch of quality music to drool over and irritate others with.
    I have listened to Dynamite Steps repeatedly on youtube. Awesome. So much Pink Floyd influence in there, and it has so much potential as one of the ‘expanding’ tracks we were discussing. At the present time, this is my favourite track.

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