8 thoughts on “The Twilight Singers?

  1. Scott,

    It was great to meet you in Cologne, Jan and I really enjoyed the
    show. I can honestly say I have listened with enthusiasm to music for
    years and have never heard anything that resonates with my soul like
    Twilight. As I mentioned there I would love to help you with a
    resolution for some new chops….I know you are touring Europe for the
    next few weeks and then on to the USA where I look forward to seeing
    your show in Seattle in May. In the mean time a great place to start
    would be to try and get a post operative xray/most recent xrays to
    begin to look at treatment options. Most of this is digitized now so
    if you can email me the radiographs….if not mail them or we can have
    some quick xrays done when your in Seattle if you have time. All the
    best to you and the band and most important I’m glad to hear your on
    the mend.

    Best Regards

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