Greg Dulli to Co-host Next Saturday

Greg Dulli and I will be hosting a very special show in remembrance of Renee next Saturday, August 24th, on the pirate radio stream.

The show will start at 1pm PST and you can join in. If you have questions for Greg you can leave them in the comments section of this post. Also a lucky few will be live on air with us via Skype.

Please let your friends know and be advised that only the first 125 people that tune in will be able to listen live.

Update: The stream is up and running, playing Renee’s favorite artists, and it will remain so through the duration of the show tomorrow.

98 thoughts on “Greg Dulli to Co-host Next Saturday

  1. would you ever consider releasing a box set of your career (pre whigs/whigs/TS,GT & solo),that would include demos non album cuts (if available) live stuff and maybe a DVD.
    all the best thanks for the music GD

  2. I’ve been a huge fan of Jon Skibic’s since he was playing for 6L6 and Gigolo Aunts in Boston. Super nice guy! It was huge news when I heard Jon was joining up with Greg way back when, and he always looked like he was having a blast playing live with the Twilight Singers. How did Greg and Jon cross paths back in the day?

  3. What drives you to cover the songs that you choose to cover? Is it emotional resonance, potential for reinvention, a combination, or something else entirely?

  4. Would you ever consider making a album with Ani Difranco?! Your collaborations with her are always some of the best on the albums. Would love to see what you would pull off with an entire album.

  5. There have been several concerts (TS & AW alike) with a professional multi-camera film crew recording them… whose grandmother do I have to kill for these to see the light of day?

    But seriously… what is the impetus for filming the shows, and under what circumstances would you be inclined to circulate these video recordings?

    1. I’ve noticed these film crews too many times – and wondered as well, not whose grandmother I’d have to kill, rather, who would I have to shag to get my hands on a bootleg copy- VHS even!
      And what about releasing that Steve Girton film of the ’93 tour of Europe?
      What I wouldn’t do to re-live that!

  6. When you were organizing the Whigs reunion tour, did you at any point consider asking Steve Earle, Paul Buchignani or Michael Horrigan to play drums with you? Cully is a great drummer and he did an awesome job, but I was sort of surprised to see him play with the Whigs at first.

  7. I have no question. I just want to say thanks. Sometimes I wonder what/who I would have listened to in key moments for the last two decades if you instead chose another occupation. xxoo.

  8. If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be, and what would you like to record with them? Also, your stuff is well known for its cinematic quality. If your music could be used in any new movie, what would you like them to use and which directors would you prefer?

      1. I’d like to add to these two great questions. Do you have any cinematic projects coming up? Is there a part you’d love to play? Do you feel that performing music and acting are intertwined, or do they occupy separate places for you mentally?

  9. Evere consider writing a book/movie…know you have interest in both…(if it would cut into a tour you can say”no.”)P.s. you were the best part of Monument Ave.

  10. I heard that you are working with Steve Kilbey on a project…can you elaborate? And curiously what did you think of the painting he dud of you?

  11. Hi guys I’m Or from Israel.

    Just wanted to know if you had to take sex or music or alcohol to a deserted island what would you take? You allow only 1 thing

  12. Twilight Singers Live in NYC. The cd is great. I was there and I want the DVD! Is this a possibility and if so when? That show was like finding religion. I liked the Whigs but TS really move me. I cant do without it.

  13. Greg,

    Any plans or re-releasing the Whigs back catalogue with remastered albums, b-sides etc? Some deluxe editions of your albums are long over due. Box set of rarities would be even better. Looking forward to your next releases.


  14. This question is for both Greg and Scott.

    Kill, f*ck or marry? Any artist, any genre, any medium, any time period. No consideration to your or the artist’s gender.

  15. Given the fact that the songs from the “Gentlemen” and “Black love” have to do with very raw and passionate emotions and probably with some very difficult and twisted moments in your life, how did you feel when you performed them again in last year’s tour?

    Thank you for the music and everything, especially for the opportunity to take a look into the male psyche through your music. I think that a group named “Everything I know about men, I learned it from Greg Dulli” is in order. 🙂

    Love from Greece, all the best and hope to see you soon again!

  16. Greg – this may not be the time, but my license plate says A Whigs 1 and my plate holder says I’d rather be with Greg Dulli. Some friends in Texas know u and are great friends with Mark Lanegan. All I want to say is that you are one degree of separation from me and you are my cheating deal breaker with my boyfriend. Of every man alive – it is you. I will come to your bar in New Orleans or anywhere you say.

  17. I happen to be watching Spinal Tap-does your knob go to 11? And do you see your Whigs songs influencing Twilight songs or Twilight influencing a possible Whigs release?

  18. For Greg:
    As a worldwide traveller many times over, can you recommend some of your favorite museums, exhibitions, or wonders of the world that I must see someday – wherever they may be?
    Thanks so much for your music.

  19. I was at the Afghan Whigs show in London at the Koko August 19 last year – and they played “When We Two Parted” as a tribute to Renee. It was quite a moving performance in hindsight. So I request “When We Two Parted” be played again as a tribute to Renee!!

  20. After building such a varied, dynamic (and badass) catalogue, is there anything out there that you consider to be your musical “white whale”?

    Thank you for many years of inspiration, commiseration, and beautiful anguish. Can’t wait for what’s next.

  21. We have an idea of what inspired your songwriting in the past. What does it for you these days? Current life experiences? Completely fictional stories? A sound, rhythm or groove?

    Rocko touched on the movie question….have you ever consider moving in that direction (a la Danny Elfman, Mark Mothersbaugh, Stewart Copeland, Jonsi, Trent Reznor, etc)?

  22. These questions are for both of you.

    When writing music, is there a specific method or music theory that you use to help your words flow with the music? Or do you completely wing it?

    I have been having issues getting my music and words to flow together. I keep wondering if I am just forcing two opposite worlds or if there is actually a particular way to achieve this.

    Also, what are some positive memories that you have concerning Renee?

  23. With the Whigs, you would often incorporate a couple of lines from the Supremes song Where Did Our Love Go? into Bulletproof. The last couple of lines you would sing, however, were not actually from that song, and they would also change somewhat between shows. For example:

    Now that I’m gone
    Now that the jury has gone on out (?)
    Now that I’m hurt (2x)

    I’ve always wondered if these were actually lines from another song, or that they were your own work?

  24. hi greg and scott,

    there are a couple of fotos on whigs facebook page. but rick is missing on those pictures. is he included? how is the atmosphere in the studio?

    best wishes from germany

  25. Ok. So what does a girl have to do to hear you tearing up a smooth-ass Bill Withers number? Any one will do, Renee and I discussed this one evening and it was decided that you were born to do it. Love ya –

  26. Do you know the esteemed NOLA transplant, Spider Stacy? If so, would you ever consider a collaboration? With your voice and his tin whistle, you could own the town (with a little help from Rosser, of course).

  27. Mr. Dulli,

    Thank you for taking a moment with my wife and I at Fantographics during thr Silver Jubilee. I got caught up in the moment and neglected to ask you 2x things I have wondered for a while. (1) is Bonnie Brae about the neighborhood in Denver and (2) in Decatur St., is the line “maybe my soul is like a vacant lot” a subtle tribute to U2 and their album Achtung Baby? I want to take this chance to thank you for being such a gentleman (pun intended) to my wife and I in Seattle: you are definitely as suave and courageous as I always imagined.


  28. Olá / Hi

    i have no words to describe what TS means to me, i can spend long hours trying to explain how i feel when i listem you guys playing…you dont know how my life changed after TS. I just hope that you come to Brazil soon and give us fans this pleasure, i know that it is hard but i still believing that it will happen. Could you say something to your Brazilian Fans? All the best to you….

  29. Greg,

    if one were to get married and throw a party, what would it take to invite you to come and play? Would you practice for a future Las Vegas residency? What sort of songs would you play, and what kind of goat sacrificing would be involved to get you to come? And most importantly, what would be the cost to make the bride off-limits ? 🙂

  30. Is it true that Greg Dulli writes short stories and is painting beside his music career? If that’s right – is there any book release or art exhibition planned?

  31. Hi Greg, Hi Scott,
    First, thanks for doing this for Renee that’s really respected Guys. (I am a longtime fan and have seen every Dulli/Band tour).
    Do you have something against Connecticut?
    It’s only been NYC or Boston since Toads place back on the 1965 tour.
    Every time you announce a tour, I have to cancel any gigs I might have, take a week off work and ride with the Devil.
    -Bobby Crash

  32. A question for both Greg and Scott:

    You’ve played hundreds of shows. What are some of your favorite concerts that you’ve ever attended, where you stood in the crowd and were transported by the music?

    Thank you for remembering Renee this way, gentlemen. It means the world.

  33. Greg

    It appears that several of us have the same questions in regards to mix media (photographs, songs, screenplays etc) and if you would pursue these avenues. My question revolves around shyness and insecurities. Do you think these personality traits could / would hold you back?


  34. Looking forward to this today. I didn’t know Renee but y’all hold her in high regard so she must have been a special person. I admire the time you are taking to honor her memory.

    Since all the music, film and undergarment questions have been asked, I’m going the sports route! I know you’re a Reds fan, any predictions for the World Series? And are you a fan of all Cinci teams or just baseball? I’ll be e at the Cowboys/Bengals game later today so it’s on my mind.

    Thanks for doing this fellas! And keep up the great music!

  35. Which Three’s Company best describes both of you – Jack, Larry or Mr. Furley? (Greg answers for Scott. Scott answers for Greg.)

  36. Scott and Greg, thanks for remembering Renee this way.

    Greg, I have one simple question: new Whigs album and/or tour upcoming: yes or no?

  37. Hey Greg,

    How did reuniting with Marcy Mays on ‘My Curse’ at some of the recent Afghan Whigs shows come about? Also how enjoyable/cathartic was it to have Marcy perform the track live again?

  38. Hi Greg, how is work on the new Gutter Twins coming along? Can you give us an idea of how long until we can hear it?

    Enjoying the hell out of fordradio Scott 🙂

  39. Okay since others have indirectly opened this line of questioning- 😉
    Does Greg possess a ‘Gene Simmons-esque’ box of polaroids, or his own version of a “scrapbook”?

  40. Greg, on your Blackberry Belle tour in nyc , we kissed back staged …
    and it was one of the best kisses of my life. Do you remember?
    Men usually cum whilst kissing me.
    But that time, I was the one that came.

  41. Been an Afghan Whigs groupie since 1990- many road trips to see you in more than one city each tour. Since way back in 1990, at the Blind Pig in Champaign to Lounge Ax in Chicago the next night-
    to this past year, when I travelled to see you in Philly, both nights in Chicago, Seattle (just for the night,) and finally Cincinnati for New Years.
    I’ve seen Twilight Singers on every tour at Metro and traveled as far as Seattle to see Gutter Twins. At Greg’s solo show at Double Door in Chicago, I almost wept with joy when the divine Mr. John Curly joined you onstage.
    These dozens of shows over the past 23 years have been some of the greatest shows of my life.
    A thousand thank yous to you, Greg, John, and Rick for scoring the last two decades of my life.
    Please, please, please come out and play for us again.

  42. I was at your “I’ll Be Your Mirror” show last September. Got to spend some time talking to you and Rosser. Amazing time. Any thoughts or plans of doing something of that sort again in the future?

  43. Hey Greg Hi Scott! Remember me Chelsea that funny chick that won the contest a couple shows ago. Question I love Greg’s cover of Paper Thin Hotel. Any chance of releasing it? It’s in my top five of favorite songs.

  44. Correct me if I’m wrong but were you and the Whigs trying to arrange sort of collaboration with Guided By Voices. And if so, what was the idea behind it and why did it not come to fruition. I thought I read something about this many moons ago.

  45. Speaking of season 3 of The Wire… is that what happened at that Southgate House TS show when you came back out in your tracksuit? 😉

  46. CANDY CANE CRAWL – recently i had watching a movie on youtube, where you played like i never saw before, the name beggins with EPICNESS and you played candy cane crawl. Seens to me that you´re really happy to be clean out of drugs. Tell me what this song means to you. It´s one of my favorite, and this video make me cry and feel the energy many times.

  47. Thanks Greg for acquiescing to my continued touring request
    and to Scott for asking the question-
    Whenever and Wherever you may decide to play- I’ll be there, with bells on!

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