13 thoughts on “Caption This Contest

  1. Scott in the body he’s always wanted volunteering at a VA hospital. (That may be an observation, not a caption…I got nuthin’…).

  2. Just one more service we provide at Jeff Klein’s Rolling Roids Tranny Caregivers And Semiautomatic Love Gun o’ Go Go! Rent two firearms today, get a free rusty trombone. Some limitations apply, subject to terms and agreements.

  3. (voiceover)
    “On the next episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race:
    Ivana Cockatoo kicks his cardio training up several few clips!”

  4. For Chaberstroh16: Caption Contest: Hulk Hogan is such a good dad……….Really Crash Victem John Graziano is really having a good time!

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