18 thoughts on “Rarer Than Rare

  1. If you’re selling, I’m buying. Would not expect you to give one up for free. There’s a value, put them on the open market. Unless of course you’ve won the lottery recently and can afford to give them away for free, last I looked you weren’t rolling in the dough.

  2. Have them signed by the band (It shouldn’t be that hard). Put them on eBay. Let everyone know where to find them and use the money for a noble cause.

    Great Photo by Sam Holden by the way.

  3. I’d like one too, but US tour is out of my range (I’m from Europe) 😉

    What happened to this project ? Any new songs, album, tour ? I love this R&B feeling in TS

  4. Wouldn’t mind a copy of that either, and doubt there will be any left if/when you hit Canada. And there better be some Canadian dates on this tour. Or else I will make an empty threat.

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