Buy My Bass

I am selling one of my Lakland basses, the one pictured below. It is an American made 4-94 in amber and maple, birdseye neck, active/passive. This is not your cheapo made in Japan Lakland, it is the top of the line Chicago made flagship model and retails for around $3,000, it was in fact built for me specifically. I however am selling it for $2100. Did I mention this is the bass I used on the Gutter Twins album? I am really not into shipping so local LA pick up only please, and now the pics:

Email me at fordradio@gmail if interested.

One thought on “Buy My Bass

  1. Wish i had the cash for this one….my fav combo with the MM pick up with the jazz pick-up…..and one of my all time fav albums and band!

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