23 thoughts on “RIP Alex

  1. I’m so very sorry, Scott. He was a sweet, funny guy — very glad you got to know him in the past few years.

    If there is anything that you and your family need, please let us all know. We’re a resourceful group of folks here, and would love to help you all.

  2. Scott, you and your radio station got me through my unemployment and I particularly enjoyed when Alex was on your show. The kid seemed to live his life to the fullest and we’re all the more lucky to have known a small part of him. I am so sorry for your loss.

  3. I became a big fan of your band through past history of it and became a bigger fan of your bass playing and especially your radio station personality which always cracks me up especially while at work listening made the day!..laughter is king!…….
    ….im truly really sorry for the loss.

  4. that’s a terrible news, he was way too young to go….
    It’s good you still got to meet him these past few years….
    We’re sorry Scott

  5. Oh Scott, This makes me so sad for you. Please know that people all over are saying an extra prayer or keeping an extra thought for you and your family today and in the days ahead.

  6. I have no idea what that kind of pain feels like, so I can only say I’m sorry, and hope you’re able to find peace sooner than later.

  7. Alex seemed like a very special kid, and we’re so sorry for your loss. Please know that you and your family will be in our prayers always.

    Your fans, listeners, and friends from Barcelona.

  8. Sorry Scott 😦
    Recalling the good times you shared will get you through the mourning and healing process, and soon enough, those great moments will be what you remember most about Alex. Stay strong.

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