The Stream is Dead, However…

After much soul searching I have decided to shut down the radio stream for now, this was not an easy decision but I feel a necessary one. I really want to thank all of you that donated to keep it on the air for as long as it was, and in the last few years I hope that I turned you on to some new artists and broadened your musical horizons.

I have also decided that I can’t be done with this entirely, so I am working on podcasts to placate the masses. I have a bunch of ideas and I hope you stay tuned to find out when they will be available to download. These are going to be fun and probably focusing on a guest every week, and of course they will be free.

Thanks for the ride, now it’s on to the next phase.

6 thoughts on “The Stream is Dead, However…

  1. Thanks for the amazing-long ride too, Scott! I’ll miss the Thursdays with you guys, as if I haven’t already… Hurry back on the road, please. I want to see all your faces.


  2. so, the stream is gone for now….It’s been emotional!

    If and when you take it back let us know I’d donate something towards it as your shows and music have helped me through difficult times in the past

  3. As much as with the death of the stream, I feel there is one less beautiful, wondrous, unexpected thing in the world, I feel you made the right decision. The financial hardship and stress of feeling compelled to look for more listeners seemed to be stifling the creativity, humor, and joy that the show and the stream were expressions of in the first place.

    I will always remember how SFR lit up a dark time for me. And I look forward to seeing (hearing, rather) what you’re going to do with the podcasts. And, of course, I’m very much looking forward to the TS tour!



  4. That’s sad news, but a necessary evil i guess….let’s hope you still post some incredible stuff from time to time, and I know the podcast will lighten us all up.
    SFR has been and still is a wonderful thing, great moments spent in here and great people met through you….
    Be back when you feel it’s the right moment…i agree with stephanie, stress and financial difficulties don’t make it easy and you’ve had your share of these two lately…so take it easy, and for christ’s sake, just concentrate on the release of the Twilight singers album and the planning of the tour!!!!!

    We’ll be waiting for you man, and looking forward to listening to those podcasts!
    You rock, Scott, we all know that, and the amount of people religiously listening to you and your insanities over the past 3 or 4 years has shown that you gave us all something important, something we need in this era of sweet misery.

    Thanks for that, and just let us know from time to time how you’re doing

    Take care man
    karen and george

  5. RIP SFR. *sniff*

    Thanks for all the great music, fun times and memories (some truely disturbing – but I still haven’t watched cupchicks and you can’t make me!)

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with in the future.

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