Featured Bootleg

One of my favorite Twilight Singers shows, and the only time you will ever hear the band launch into ‘Omerta’. It also contains what would become the epic version of Candy Cane Crawl.

The Twilight Singers, Melkweg, Amsterdam, 11.28.06.

Toward the Waves
Esta Noche
I’m Ready
Bonnie Brae
Too Tough To Die
Live With Me
Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
I’ll Take Care of You
Sideways In Reverse
Amazing Grace
King Only
Teenage Wristband
Fat City
There’s Been An Accident
Candy Cane Crawl
Martin Eden
Dead To Rights
Forty Dollars
The Killer
Wolf Like Me
Boogie Boogie
Black is the Color
Underneath the Waves

Download it here.

17 thoughts on “Featured Bootleg

  1. I actually just listened to this show a week ago, its brilliant..Why is it that when something brilliant happens like Omerta in this show, and it clearly works, that the band never do it again. I mean there is no way Greg went backstage and said “man that sucked”, he sang it better than he did with the old band..Whats the inside answer

  2. You just made my 2010 until the new CD is out! That, along with the new The National, and Stars CDs, makes for quite an exciting year for music.

  3. And I’m also looking forward to the podcast, having never been able to listen to the call-in show, due to work blocking access to the live stream.

  4. Thanks, I downloaded this show just over a week ago. I was in De Melkweg for that show, brilliant, brilliant night.

    Probably one of the best i’ve seen. Favorite part: Greg saying: ‘It’s only tuesday in your mind’

    If you hear someone screaming “more cowbell” that’s me 🙂

  5. Thank you SF. Listen to this one all the time. By the way, great TS 2000 show you played last week. Was that a NYC show? And what was that setlist? Song in there I did not recognize (right before or after Clyde I think).

  6. Wow fucking nice!!…thanks for the Featured Bootleg your good in my book… btw i dig your bass playing(not un-noticed)!… the tunes will make my work and the drive from work and the world and idiots more tolerable!..(sedative)
    ……Would be cool in the future u do a live broadcast again!

  7. thank you SF! you’ve always been great at correspondences.. and kind to all. you’re awesome! love and well wishes for you and your family.. and looking forward to podcasts – can you keep us updated kind of in the same way as now, with the emails??

  8. Great recording, i would have loved to see you there instead of berlin which was a terrible sound back then, GT 2008 in Bielefeld was much better, would be great to see you there again 😉
    @ Andrea – where may i get the Tel Aviv show?

  9. I love the ‘papillon/omerta” played here, but TS are not an AW cover band, that’s for sure. I can understand TS wanting to play their own music.

  10. Scott –

    Hope you and your bro are both feeling well. I’ll keep a good thought for you both.

    And when the fuck are you coming back to Boston?

    – Johnny

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