Radio Stream Address Change

Our radio service provider has decided to upgrade their servers and subsequently we have had to move, so please click on the links at the top right over there or scroll down in the sidebar for manual instructions on how to tune in.

Sorry I have been out of the loop for a while, lots happening here and I am working my ass off. If you are a rich relative who just found me and wants to give me loads of money so I can just do this radio thing all day, please drop me a line.

Hope you are all good and looking forward to the new Twilight Singers album, ‘cos I sure am.

One thought on “Radio Stream Address Change

  1. and when exactly, mr ford, do you intend to give us a clue on when the album will be released and when you guys start touring?
    c’mon, help us out here, we’re dying to get some info…..
    good thing you’re working (this was ironic of course) and hope this rich relative shows up sooner than later
    take it easy

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