2 thoughts on “Mark Linkous R.I.P.

  1. It’s taken me until now to comment on this because I have yet to accept that ML is gone. I was a fan from Vivadixie on…I believe I still have my shitty tape recording of “Someday I Will Treat You Good” from the radio back in my high school days around here somewhere. After AW/TS/GT, Sparklehorse was my favorite artist; for whatever reason, many songs evoked my memories of early life in Virginia, where I believe Linkous also lived for a long time.
    With his untrained voice, love of odd sound effects and personal issues, he was also my greatest inspiration to make music of my own. In the wake of his death – and the method he chose really reflected a lot of pain – I think “there but for the grace of ___” and feel terribly, terribly sad.
    I hope his spirit finds peace and his family finds solace…

  2. i was totally blown away and i whole heartaly agree with arayal above me he was an inspiration without a doubt there was a way he used what was around him to envoke what he wanted to put forth musicwise …there will never be another and i will miss him

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