18 thoughts on “Caption Contest

  1. Desperate to quit the cult-like The Salutations, but fearing that he could never safely leave, Salvatore had a flash of brilliance at their first professional photo shoot. Relying on his military training, he flashed the universal “left palm down” signal of a soldier being forced to perform under duress. Alas, Salvatore was found a week later, stripped naked, with the words, “Never Say Goodbye” scraweled on that very same palm.

  2. The Blizzards of Oz will be performing their famous butt trumpet routine after the invisible 4 armed,hand shakin’ oral plunging pungent midget magician appears while being pushed down by one member.

  3. As passengers on the Cruise Ship To Hell, join us at 8PM every night in the Rumba Room for the sweet sounds of “Susie and The Sociopaths” Don’t miss the All-You-Can-Eat Macrobiotic buffet.

  4. Polly Ester and her Helmet Hair Trio are the official grand opening greeters at the new “Heads I Win Tails U Lose” Riverboat Lounge and Casino” at the newly remodeled Hicksville Pier. Y’all be sure to drop in!

  5. Although scarey and funny the producers were not happy with the look of the original Addams family pilot. Gomez was told to trim down the mo, Lurch was told to lose the emotion, Cousin It was told to get off Morticia’s head and Uncle Fester to lose the fake wig.

  6. Chris Davis’ favorite television game show “Who’s in my Mouth” comes back for another season even bigger and better than ever!

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