31 thoughts on “Caption Contest

  1. “Listen, I haven’t even hit this yet, so put take off your Lord of the Rings shit. And I swear if you try to mess with my head again while I’m high – I’ll fuckin’ stab you.”

  2. “Why are YOU the one smokin’? You got dough, pussy, cars, looks…Look at me, man. Do you know how high I have to get to look in the mirror? …God, I hate my life.”

  3. “Here lil man smoke this. It will help ya cope better with only being able to do embarassing little people jobs in Hollywood where people get to degrade you to make themselves feel big”

  4. How did you escape World of Warcraft and make it into the real world? Was it this shit I just hit? Are you real little thing? Answer me!!!!!

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