19 thoughts on “Caption Contest

  1. Now it suddenly occured to jenny that her brother had the upper hand on their mother’s “suicidal”…and she hated him for it.
    however, poppa seemed to have it all planned well in advance……

  2. Dan Quayle’s lifelong quest was to become Vice-President, so he could show his older brother that he deserved some respect, damnit.

  3. when poor old maw found her children’s incest sex tape the kids vowed to do anything to stop her telling their holier than thou father!

  4. Some godforsaken household’s last attempt to look like a normal family, later to be called into evidence at paraplegic Mom’s murder trial.

  5. Desperately masking his grief, Timmy firmly holds his mother’s newly decapitated head to her corpse for a last chance family photo at Sears.

  6. Apple announced the new iWife today. The first generation software is having some issues, just hold the neck button for 30-seconds to restart. v1.1 should be released soon.

    1. Anytime you use the term ‘choking a bitch’ it’s sure to bring a smile to my face. I need therapy, but we have a winner.

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