Call For Podcasts

A little while back I asked if you, the listeners, would like to have your own podcast on our station, and a bunch of you responded with ideas. I would really love it if people had their own shows on the station and I’m just reminding you to get creative and submit a podcast for broadcast. The only rules are as follows:

1. Must be no less than 30 minutes and no longer than 1 hour.
2. It can be a one-off or a series.
3. No shows playing songs, i.e. DJ’ing. The podcast can have intro/outro music, etc., but I’m encouraging you to submit talk-oriented shows.
4. Please do not email me the podcast, but send me a link to where I can download it.

That’s it, pretty simple. I hope we get more submissions and once we have enough I will make a time and day podcasts will air. Have fun and get creative.

2 thoughts on “Call For Podcasts

  1. maybe a similair idea…. I thought of this thing called “My Tunes”

    Basically it is an hour of specially selected music chosen by a listener – they can send in audio etc explaining why they picked that song and it gets played back to back

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