39 thoughts on “Caption Contest #126

  1. Hey folks, it’s just come to my attention that we have a lost child with man boobs here at our family reunion. As you can see he’s hungry and already torn off poor Katie’s shirt. What do you say we help him find his mommy so he can eat! Wong, will you help organize our search party?

  2. something had went horribly wrong when Hiro Nakamura found himself teleporting into a trailer-park wedding presided over by the honourable Reverend Bedrock!

  3. MAN baby has emergency sphincter booty-short removal. Onlookers describe the scene as, “Horrible, it smelled very bad. He never would have made it to the hospital”

  4. “…and we won’t stop fighting till every man, woman and child can excercise the God given right to walk the streets, wearing nothing but a pair of dodgy underpants and a hairband”

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