The Unnamed Album

If you listened to the show last week I mentioned that we have a tentative name for the new Twilight Singers album. I for one think it’s pretty great, however I am always excited to see what the fans come up with.

So, if you think you have an amazing title for the new album, leave it in the comments for this post.

I’m not promising we’ll use any of them, but lord knows it’ll make for some interesting reading at the very least. Then again, maybe we will…

62 thoughts on “The Unnamed Album

  1. Wasn’t ‘Powder Burns’ originally going to be called ‘Period Rush’? I’m sure Greg said that somewhere. That’s a cool title.

  2. It’s so easy trying to name an album you have no idea of its concept or what it’ll be like.

    Anyhow: remittances. I’m waiting for someone to name a piece of art by this name for quite a while now. I’m just curious about how this idea will manifest itself in art, since the reality around it is… well, it is what it is.

    That, or something with/about arch(es). I’m a fan of arches.

    Or… damn, too many cool words and expressions. I have no idea what to choose, but I now know which books I’ll be reading tonight, so thanks, I guess.

  3. breakout!

    follow the white lines

    Brain Pandemonium


    still craving the fix

    awaken the mind

    drunk enough to do it

    Where Shitting Gilts*


  4. The Soft Spots
    Pitch Black

    Maybe not the best titles but the only ones I could come up with. But I surely have one wish… Please don’t make it self titled, that’s never cool. Figure something out, name it after one of the songs. That’s just what I have to say about it.

  5. What about :”Midlife crisis, healthy dreams/nightmares” !

    Anyway , my dear Scotty, You should give us a little help with saying, for example, which is the mood You guys were in when recording; or maybe tell us something Greg told you about the lyrics he wrote.., ok ?
    Bye from northern Italy !

  6. As you like it: “The FIN-n-ISH”… or “New Orleans Blues” or “Voodoo Grove”… “Demon Soul”… “Ode to no one”… “Quick Servece and Tasty Juice”… “Yellow snow”… “Eskimo in Hell”… “Morning After”… “Black Mariah”… “Swamp Elk”… “Purple Sunset”… “Snake River”…

  7. hmmmmm…..what about

    sunflower boulevard

    turn left to leave your right

    subway to the city

    shuffle your life

    Greatings from the Netherlands……..see u on the next tour

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