The SFR Email Bag

Since I announced the weekly radio show is back on the air I have received a lot of emails from people asking questions. As these people seem to be new to the show I thought I’d answer their questions here so as to help people.

Is your show kid-friendly?

Yes, if your kid is deaf. Folks, if you let your kids listen to this show then you deserve to have the Social Services people knocking on your door. Either that or you and your kids are smoking weed together while listening, which in my books is kind of cool. There is NO censorship on SFR, we are not governed by anyone and we have no filters. You decide if you want your kids to listen but we won’t be responsible for their therapy bills.

How do I tune in?

I get this one a lot. You see those little icons over there at the top of the right hand column, click one. It’s that simple. Seriously sometimes I don’t know how you people turn your computers on every day, your tech support bills must be huge. For our ‘special’ friends there are even more explicit directions further down the page in the same column.

What time does the show start and for how long?

It says 1pm PST on the promo, so for you people who have a hard time with math, that’s 4pm East Coast time, and 9pm GMT, that’s for you folks in England, and for you folks in England my sympathies. As for the length, plan on 2-3 hours.

What sort of things do you talk about?

I know it’s hard to believe but the show is not scripted, so we talk about whatever comes up, sometimes that might get a little racy so if you are of the politically correct variety you have been warned.

Can I join in the show?

Yes, and we strongly encourage it. You can call us on SKYPE, our name is FORDRADIO, we love to get your Skype calls. You can chat with us during the show in the little chat box over there on the right too. Listener interaction is a big part of the show so please join in and let your voice be heard.

I heard you play games, is this true?

Why yes it is true, we do play games on the show and we always need listeners to call in on Skype and play along.

Is there a podcast?

Usually there is, although we won’t do those, listeners tend to record the show and post them. If anyone wants to volunteer for this job please post in the comments section and let us know. I just don’t have time to do the show and a podcast, I don’t have an intern.

So there you go, I hope your questions were answered, feel free to post any more in the comments section.

5 thoughts on “The SFR Email Bag

  1. For anyone still on the fence, I highly recommend tuning in. You’ll hear everything from kickass underheard 70’s stuff, to rare live stuff you wouldn’t otherwise hear. Plus, he gets some in-studio guests that are always fun to hear banter with our Mr. Ford.

  2. But for the love of God, it you are at work or around other people – GET YOUR HEADPHONES OUT!

    Ford Radio will not be responsible for the loss of employment, friends, family or any other adverse results of listening to the show.

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