Deep In The Desert

Here we are on day 5 of the Palm Springs holiday extravaganza. I rode my bike up here, that’s her on the left there. My wife says I love my bike more than her, I didn’t reply and that made her mad for some reason.

Biking for me is like therapy, it’s hard to understand unless you do it. When I ride I don’t have any problems, all I can do is focus on staying alive, I don’t have time to think about the myriad of problems that I, like all of you, suffer from on a day to day basis. Trust me when I say that the world is a safer place because people like me get to vent their frustration with the world at 90mph while screaming down a freeway.

I think today we are going ATV riding, something I haven’t done in a couple of years, I’m looking forward to it. Personally I thought this vacation was about relaxing and unwinding from perhaps the most stressful year of my life, but my family has organized shit to do every day so that doesn’t look like it’s happening.

Tomorrow I’m going to ride out to see Dave Catching at Rancho de la Luna and catch some lunch, always a good time to see Dave.

I hope all of you had a great Xmas and got some killer presents, tell us all about it.

5 thoughts on “Deep In The Desert

  1. Christmas 2009 –

    Got Snow? (check) – 20 inches since I got here last Monday.
    Got Cold? (check) – Right now the real temperature is 9 and the windchill is -7.
    WTF? What kind of mental illness do the people who voluntarily live here suffer from?
    Presents? (sorta) – I got a pair of awesome earrings from a local shop. I bought mom a nativity set (she collects them) from the same shop. I managed to buy it right under her nose and still surprise her on Xmas morning. She made a big deal out of buying a necklace for herself in front of me and I knew it was a sham. We exchanged the necklace yesterday.
    Entertainment? (what’s that) – I’ve been outside once since last Tuesday – we went to exchange the aforementioned present and had lunch. Other than that I’ve been to the grocery store and tagged along to the library. There’s intermittent internet and basic, basic cable…..and let’s not even talk about the radio…the local station’s call letters are KRAQ — guess what they call themselves? Crack-FM (umm, yeah). Thank goodness for my iPod and Kindle.
    Family? (they’re around somewhere) – haven’t seen hardly any of them. Due to Snowmagedon 2009 we all spent Christmas eve and Christmas day at our respective homes. We couldn’t get out of the house til 5:00pm on the 26th and we live in the city. The peeps out in the country have it even worse.
    Upcoming (I can’t stand the excitement) – lunch on Wednesday with one of my mom’s old lady friends. Dinner some night this week with my cousin. We’re gonna go to a local bar. The last time I was there I ordered a Martini. They had to wash the dust out of the ONE martini glas they own (a promo from Grey Goose) and had no vermouth or olives. Yup, I drank straight gin. Fun times.
    Civilization (what’s that?) – at some point I’ll have to return there so I can get home. I fly home next Monday, not sure at this point when or how I’m getting to the airport.

    Next year mom can come see me for Christmas.

  2. Part 2

    Please don’t misconstrue the above – I love being here with my mom. Even if we are making each other a bit batty after a week of almost constant togetherness.

  3. our xmas was almost as exciting as andrea’s….
    christmas by the way….wtf does it really mean anymore? given: 1. i’m (let’s talk as couples do…WE are) not in a xmassy mood; 2. WE don’t have kids; 3. unlike the region andrea spent xmas at, it’s been 20 degrees here(celsius guysm not farenheit, which is something like 68/70 farenheit) so not really xmassy indeed, especially when I come from snowland …sometimes i wonder what’s the difference between here and australia…; 4. i bought a bottle of champagne and foie gras and we only drank and ate these yesterday….WTF? 5. there’s no real santa claus so what’s the point?; 6. blablablablablabla; 7. i got no presents (but i give george credit for this one this year especially…) 8. did i get a present last year? oh yes i think i did, though i can’t remember what it was; 9. we’re moving, people (to a party house, you’re welcome anytime) so we barely have a table to sit and have dinner, let alone xmas dinner with all the nice decoration and all that come with; 10. believe it or not, WE are NOT on holidays; and 11. it’s show time scott, we need some cheering up for 2010
    that’s all folks, someone please come rescue this thread before it becomes too depressive


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