My Xmas Gift to You

I couldn’t leave without giving you a holiday gift. This one comes straight from the SFR Forum and is one of the best bootlegs I have heard this year. Do yourself a favor and download it, and thanks to honestabe for the original posting.

Doves – Electric Proms, Roundhouse; London, England (10.22.09), radio broadcast.

01 – Snowden
02 – Winter Hill
03 – Firesuite (with London Bulgarian Choir)
04 – 10:03 (with London Bulgarian Choir)
05 – Pounding
06 – Jetstream
07 – The Storm (with London Bulgarian Choir)
08 – Black & White Town
09 – Sea Song
10 – The Greatest Denier
11 – Kingdom Of Rust (with London Bulgarian Choir)
12 – Last Broadcast (with London Bulgarian Choir)
13 – Catch The Sun (with London Bulgarian Choir)
14 – Title Unknown (featuring London Bulgarian Choir)
15 – Birds Flew Backwards (with Baluji Shrivastav & London Bulgarian Choir)
16 – The Cedar Room (with London Bulgarian Choir)
17 – There Goes The Fear

Download the concert here.

Happy holidays!

MP3: Doves – Black and White Town (live)

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