Heading Out for the Holidays

My parents flew in from London last night, apparently it’s snowing like crazy there, so both they and I are stoked that we are taking off for Palm Springs in the morning to celebrate the holidays. Yep, I know I am blessed and I am grateful for it every day.

I’m going to make sure I see Dave Catching out in Joshua Tree while we are out there, there’s a rumor of a huge NYE party that I don’t want to miss out on.

So I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, I’m sure I’ll post updates while we are out there. Personally I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing. Seriously, nothing.

Here is the greatest Xmas video of all time, I hope you enjoy it.

6 thoughts on “Heading Out for the Holidays

  1. Have a fantastic holiday!

    While you’re in Joshua Tree, be sure to stop by the JT Country Kitchen and have some chocolate chip pancakes. I have dreams about those….mmm.

  2. have a great time in palm springs, rock hard for NYE, you might find yourself partying with QOTSA and EODM and well…can you bring friends?
    see you around in 2010!

  3. that video shows one thing i hated about TOTP back in the day was all the bloody miming – remember when oasis went on and did “Roll with it” and just took the piss!

  4. Merry Christmas Mr. Ford & all the Ford family too! I’m sooooo envious of you. If I’d had a brain at all I would have stayed on my first flight (it went to PS) instead of changing planes in Minneapolis. I’m watching it snow and snow and snow right now and remembering why I don’t live here anymore!

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