John Frusciante Comes to His Senses

Rolling Stone is confirming that John Frusciante, the only guy that can write songs in the band, has once again quit the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I have been a fan of John for years and his solo albums are nothing short of brilliant. Conversely I think the RHCP are an overrated band at the very best, and I can’t believe he stuck it out this long.

If you don’t know John’s solo work you really ought to check it out, one of the best guitarists and songwriters of my generation, I can’t wait to see what he does next.

MP3: John Frusciante – Carval

MP3: An Excercise

One thought on “John Frusciante Comes to His Senses

  1. The Peppers made a unique fusion of the commercial + the soulful accessible to the public.

    An awesome launching pad if you will, to discover more great music.

    John’s solo stuff is fucking *incredible* but it’s on a different level.

    Time, the bitch, will tell like she always does.

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