Rolling Stone, Oh Hell Yes!!

My good friend Matt Diehl emailed me this morning to let me know the benefit last weekend made it to Rolling Stone, simply amazing. The amount of press my condition is getting is hopefully shedding some light on the current state of healthcare and the lack thereof for the millions of people like myself who work their ass of and can’t afford to stay healthy in one of the richest countries on earth.

I will be part of a feature story of musicians and lack of healthcare for a major magazine and I’ll let you guys know when that’s coming out.

Once again, I find it really hards to understand how so many people have shown me so much love, but I am learning to accept it and am humbled to my core by it. Even with the benefit I still have a ways to got to cover the medical bills, such is the high price of healthcare, so I’ll be leaving the donate button up on the site until I can get a grip on that. If it weren’t for the amazing doctors taking care of me the costs would be around $200,000, thank god I only have to pay a 1/4 of that, but for people who are in my position who aren’t as lucky as me, my heart breaks for you.

Oh and for those of you that haven’t seen it, check out the video I posted of the event and my opportunity to play.

God bless you guys.

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