Why Isn’t Matthew Ryan A Superstar?

Personally I think the Twilight Singers should be huge, of course I may be a little biased but when acts like Miley Cyrus are dominating the airwaves it makes me a little sad deep down in my black little heart.

In that vein why the fuck isn’t Matthew Ryan dominating the airwaves? Seriously this guy has more talent in his little pinky than 99% of the so called ‘musical’ acts I hear on radio these days.

You guys know that I am a huge fan of people that can write and execute a good song, and Matt does this time after time. I secretly indulge in Matthew Ryan binges from time to time, cursing myself for not being able to finish my EP when this guy pulls classic songs out of ass on his lunch break. Then again I can eat my wife out with no teeth, so life balances itself out I guess.

Matthew has been making great records since 1997, surviving the horrible record company nightmare that probably killed his career but not his talent. Honestly, what the hell would a label know what to do with this guy, I can’t imagine him doing a video with explosions and backup dancers, they would be stumped.

I strongly suggest you go out and buy his albums, for one you’ll thank me later, and for another point he can keep buying strings so he can make more music, and I for one welcome that.

4 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Matthew Ryan A Superstar?

    1. Dragoro,
      I guess you missed the part in the review about matthew being a great writer… lol it’s ok man (even tho they are plastered in the video as well). The song at the end of the video during the credits is amazing, I think it’s called “your museum”.

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