The Healthcare Debate

You know, I’m not really sure why this should even be a debate, why would anyone be opposed to healthcare for all?

Growing up in England, if you got sick you went to the hospital, they took care of you and that was that. No extortionate bill, no threatening letters from collection companies, nothing but the satisfaction of knowing your government was taking care of you health-wise.

I guess you never really think about healthcare until it’s too late, i.e. you get majorly sick. It’s too late for me, my family has been entirely wiped out financially by my health problems. I’ve worked all my life, managing to support a family and having some moderate savings, and now that’s all gone. I’m not whining, I’m just letting you know it can happen to you too, and of course chances are that it will, we don’t stay young and invincible forever.

I hope you are following Obama’s Healthcare reform and voicing your opinion. We are one of the richest nations on earth, yet our citizens die or go broke because of illness, it’s shameful really.

I hope you make your voices heard and contact your local congressman or woman and let them know that the time is now, affordable healthcare for all! I can’t believe we even have to do this.

Also I want to say a huge thanks to all of you that have donated to my medical bills, without you I would literally have no idea on how we’d be eating these days. And don’t forget to get your tickets for the benefit on the 26th, they are selling fast.

Please do your part, healthcare for all!!!!


5 thoughts on “The Healthcare Debate

  1. unfortunately scott, as you said, most people don't give a shit until it actually knocks at their door….and it will, for all of us, at some pointhaving access to healthcare is a privilege that we Europeans (or most of us) take for granted, use and abuse ofi sincerely hope this benefit show + you going back into the music business will help you and your family get out of the trouble you're in right nowi'm sure we will all do our part to help you out so don't you worry (too much)we love ya

  2. A rude awakening is in store for soooo many people here as far as healthcare goes. Hang in there. You have many people all over the world that love and care about you. I am going to try my hardest to be there for the benefit show. Just trying to find a friend of mine to drive out there with me from Phoenix. I talk to myself too much on solo trips…

  3. Yeah, till we get advanced breast cancer, and then the government tells us its too expensive to take care of us and to enjoy whats left of our life. I mean thats what happens in England, so it must be good. Give me a break.

  4. Directly from the wiki of National Health Service of England. "A major programme is underway in the NHS to reduce all wait times to 18 weeks by December 2008[64]."Considering wiki is done by user content and almost completely liberal, I doubt you can find a way that it is wrong. So in England you can hope to have a 3 and half month wait for a surgery, and thats pretty much at best unless your dying right there on the table. For people with cancer or other progressive diseases, 3 and a half months minimum waiting time is a death sentence. So yeah, England covers everybody (less its terminal, then its not worth the cost) but it takes so long it pretty much makes it all terminal. That's definitely a system the US should imitate (rolls eyes).

  5. Fuckin' 'Tea Party' forming just so they can be anti-health care reform. Who can teabag the teabaggers? We need a health care reform (that's to say the least that we need a health care for all); it's selfish for protesters to even think of being opposed to a health care for everyone. We have health insurances being the death panels for this country, and everybody knows it. It's truly a shame.We'll always be only as strong as our weakest men. With that said, I hope you didn't forget to put your teeth on when the UPS guy swung by today. Just kidding, Scott. We all love you!xo

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