Get On SFR!

One thing I’ve been trying to do is to get the show more interactive. Yes I know, we have the chat room on this page, and lord knows that goes off during the radio show’s, but that’s not enough for me.

So in an effort to get you guys more involved with the show we’ll have Skype running the whole time, you can contact us on Skype at fordradio. Feel free to call in, ask questions, comment on what we are talking about, and of course a lucky few will get to play games along with the in-studio panel.

Go download it, it’s free, and join in the show!

3 thoughts on “Get On SFR!

  1. i can imagine a bunch of fords and fordettes shouting together through skype and the show becoming …well yeah…quite interestingcan't wait for thursdayi'll be logged from morningand btw, the chat room is still an interactive place so people, get your a*** over here!

  2. I'll be at work, and unfortunately my work's server blocks access to the Ford Radio blog due to the cuss words on it. Bah. Don't know if I could even tune in now either, much less interact. No more SFR for Stephanie 😦

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