Upcoming Dates With Susan Marshall

Well I promised you guys some live shows in July, and I’m really happy to announce that I’ll be playing with the incredible Susan Marshall.

I’ve played with a lot of artists over the years but I have to tell you I am so excited to play these shows. I consider Susan to be one of the best singers on the planet and also a really wonderful friend.

Susan has just released a new album called ‘Little Red‘ and you preview it over at her MySpace page. Are you still here? Take a look at a typical review here. She has done a wonderful cover of the Afghan Whigs ‘Going To Town’ and for those of you who have been under a rock Susan has sung on a bunch of Whigs tracks and tours.

The full band dates are the following:

July 14 – Cafe 322, Sierra Madre
July 21 – Hotel Cafe, Hollywood
July 31 – Redwood Bar, Los Angeles

I strongly encourage you to come out and see us play, and if there’s advance tickets it might be wise to snap them up. I hope to see some of you in July, and don’t be afraid to come up and say hi.

And now this nugget…

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Dates With Susan Marshall

  1. me too renee…especially because it's gonna be pretty hard for me to make it to CA by July 14thgood to see you back on track though….this is gonna be a great show i'm surerenee, tell me you're going…..

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