News On The Whigs Front

I know many of you that visit here are fans of the Afghan Whigs, so I’d be remiss not to mention something very cool from Lee over at Summer’s Kiss.

Here’s a quote straight from Lee about the new tribute album:

‘It’s been three years and two days since we first announced the project, and I cannot be happier to say that Summer’s Kiss: A Tribute to the Afghan Whigs is available right now.’

I’ve personally heard a bunch of the tracks and it’s a great listen. You can preview all the tracks and order the album from Summer’s Kiss Records, and I’d advise you to do so before it sells out.

Also Kudos for longtime Twilight Singers photographer Sam Holden for his excellent cover.

One thought on “News On The Whigs Front

  1. just ordered the album…can't wait to get it!!!in the meantime, can't wait to get a hint of the new TS…any chance we get a taste before 2010?

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