Are You Buying It?

Check out the following clip of Joaquin Phoenix, personally one of my favorite actors, on last night’s Letterman show. I have a feeling he’s pulling an Andy Kaufman on us. For reference I also added some classic Kaufman. What’s your thoughts?


8 thoughts on “Are You Buying It?

  1. man i now understand the reason why you’re growing such a beard…..i mean…what is it with the beard factor? midlife crisis or what?joaquin phoenix is a real talented actor, don’t know yet about the hip-hop career but why not, you never know….

  2. btw, was this tony clifton/andy kaufman show we were supposed to see in the house of blues in october rescheduled?too bad it was cancelled then, i would’ve loved to see him

  3. Whatever it is, I find it sad and uninteresting. Sad because he has such talent as a legitimate actor. This new character – put oon or not holds no interest for me. Like Kaufman or Sasha Cohen, it’s all supposed to be some clever, clever joke that I don’t get.

  4. What ever the reason is/was, i cried when i saw it.. SO FUNNY..!!it was so unexpected & is so bizarre that in the end became refreshing & ridiculously funny… ppl gonna remember it..:))

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