So You Want To Play Bass?

This one’s for all of you that think playing the bass is easy. Watch the whole thing, revel in the genius that is Entwhistle. Thanks to Nick for sending this to me.


6 thoughts on “So You Want To Play Bass?

  1. holy shit.I’m not sure which is hotter, his fingers on his instrument, or the space between my legs while watching him play.You can say that bassists get no respect all you want, I still maintain that the smart chicks know to aim for the rhythm section.

  2. all i have to say is whowww…the guy knows how to use his fingers…i wonder why bassists always think they get no respect, because they do get much more respect than loads of other musicians…see, scott, how many people around here respect you? and we’d respect you even more if you decided to come back and give us an “all time bass classics” show this weekc’mon man, we miss you

  3. Would it be possible to get our fabulous Scott Ford Radio show on THursday from 1-3pm or 6-8pm or anytime 2~12~2009. I believe that my fellow Fordettes would appreciate hearing your cheery voice & soon!ps Thanks for streaming VoodooChile at the most cosmically purfect time

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