Priests Are Funny!

Sorry I haven’t been able to do shows the last 2 weeks, real life and lack of money to just sit around all day and play on the computer spinning tracks are getting in the way. Don’t forget you can donate to keep the stream on the air, we kinda need it right now. And now a word from our sponsors.


4 thoughts on “Priests Are Funny!

  1. oh man i’m sorry to hear that you have to get deep into the daily routineat least i hope you’re doing something interesting (your side-job i mean, not your real musician job…this we all know is absolutely amazing….)we’re sending you all the good vibes you need and some cash as well to keep the station alive and kickinghold on in there, you know we’re with you:)tomorrow night we’re seeing your men in berlin and i have to admit you’re gonna be missed

  2. Hi Scott + listeners!I have a problem. I’m a retard. I can’t seem to find any podcasts from old shows att little radio. It’s very frustrating. are they there? Am i just an idiot? Can a nice person who is not an idiot please email me at and tell me how i get them? Or just answer here, thats ok too. Cheers!

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