Don’t Miss Thursday’s Show

Oh it’s a good one this week. In addition to a shitload of games and the best songs of 2008 as voted on by the listeners, the studio here in Hollywood will be packed.

Of course my co-host will be my band mate Greg Dulli, and please stop sending in your questions for Greg, we have way too many right now, but thanks to all of you that emailed us.

Also Emmy-Award winning Tom Purcell, the head writer on the Colbert Report, will be stopping by to give us his year in review.

And of course my little brother Alex will be here, so be prepared for a grip of MILF jokes, etc.

Remember to tune in early, sit back and relax, and enjoy the last show of the year.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Thursday’s Show

  1. G’day! I’m checking in from Australia. With the time change, 8AM on a Saturday is not a very rock’n’roll time for catching the SFR show. Any chance I can catch this in podcast form in the forum later?

  2. Hey,Just was able to tune in now, would love to be able to hear the whole show with Greg. Hopefully it gets podcasted.First time listening, and liking what I have heard so far.

  3. A podcast would be most welcome, as I got caught up in a conference call that was about as un-rock-‘n’-roll as it gets during the broadcast time. Thanks Scott!

  4. yeah, I was at my very un-rock n’ roll doctors appointment when this was on. Although I try my best to schedule around the Scott Ford Radio Show it doesn’t always work. Would love to hear the podcast too.

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