I Am Super Old (and there’s a show Thursday)

First off I turned 41 today, I have no friggin’ idea where all those years went but I’m pretty grateful I lived this long. Thanks for all your birthday wishes, I truly appreciate them.

Second, I got home from work tonight and my computer had decided to install some stupid Windows update and reboot itself, so of course the stream was down and I am rebooting the radio software right now so it should be back soon.

Third, there’s a radio show tomorrow, Thursday, at 1pm PST, so make sure you tune in and tell your friends. This is the second to last show of the year so don’t miss it. We’ll have some of the regular crew here and games, music, etc. It’s free, you should be stoked.


6 thoughts on “I Am Super Old (and there’s a show Thursday)

  1. yay yay yay happy birthday scott!!!!you are now officially old, but see the bright side of it…you’re a rock star, married to a beautiful woman, you live in LA and find out in the morning that any great band is playing the following night and, most importantly…you’re friend with mark!!!! i mean….i’d kill to be in your shoes….. and last but not least, you run the coolest radio station ever and have a whole community who loves youwe can only hope we’ll be as cool as you are in our 40senjoy and see ya tonight!

  2. Andrea, you took the words right outta my mouth.Start> Settings> Control Panel> Automatic Updates and the bottom radio button allows you to choose 'Turn Off Automatic Updates'Windows Auto Updates are so 90's.

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