Time For Thanks

Yes it’s that time of year when we are all reminded to be a little more aware of all the good things in our lives. Why is it so easy to focus on all the bad shit yet we need a day to be reminded how good we actually have it?

Anyway that’s what I take from Thanksgiving, although reliable sources tell me it has more to so with killing Native Americans and smallpox blankets, but I digress…

So a big thank you to Bebe, Lil’ Bebe, my family, my friends, my bands, Obama, Los Angeles, Harley Davidson, free porn websites, Lakland basses, my landlord, cable tv, my new album, world of warcraft, work, and of course you wonderful people that listen to the station and frequent this blog.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and don’t dig up too many skeletons at those family dinners.

Oh and if you didn’t know, Greg, Cully and I recorded a new track for the Doug Sahm tribute album and you can conveniently stream it here.

Obviously no show this week due to turkey day, and I’ll have more info as to future shows this weekend hopefully, we might be moving days due to my having to work. Did I say ‘having’, I meant ‘I get to’. See, gratitude already…

And now this…


4 thoughts on “Time For Thanks

  1. dear scott,please note that we won’t accept any other excuse as for “no show this week”turkey day? this is what we call christmas in europe, so don’t you think you’re a bit early???i’m only kidding, even though some of us don’t celebrate thanksgiving, i’m sure most of us will have a moment of silence for you and SFR, and well maybe even be thankful for what we got….have great fun and don’t kill yourself at work….we still need you

  2. oh and btw, see below….i don’t think we should trust this guy anymore….he’s sort of changed his priorities since he started working don’t you think?I quote:”I know, don’t be sad, it’s ok, I promise we’ll get back to normal next week.”And the funny thing is Christmas is on a Thursday too….and new years!!!!!this is a conspiracy!

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