Help Us Help You

We have recently added a grip of music to the station, we now have something like 29,000 songs in rotation from every artist you could possibly like. Please help us spread the word so that more people can stumble upon the station. 

People tend to be scared of all things Internet, but it’s so easy to listen to a caveman could do it. Or an idiot, whichever comes first.  

All you need is a broadband connection (we stream at CD quality sound), and iTunes or Winamp, or Real Player (ewww), or whatever. The players are FREE, so there goes that excuse. Here’s the simple step by step instructions on how to listen:  

iTunes Instructions  

1. Open iTunes 
2. Click the Advanced tab at the top 
3. Select Open Stream 
4. Type in (or copy and paste) 
5. Hit return, welcome to the station.

Winamp Instructions  

1. Open Winamp 
2. Click the File tab at the top 
3. Select Open URL 
4. Type in (or copy and paste)  
5. Hit OK, welcome to the station.  

The more people we get tuning in the more shows we can do. Seriously, if you love music it doesn’t get any better than this. Oh and before I forget we added a Twilight Singers section to the forum, so get posting.  

Thanks for keeping the faith. And now this…


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