Get Caught Up!!!

Well now that the tour is over it’s time to really focus on the radio station, until I have to get a real job that is. If you have never listened to the weekly show, what the fuck? It’s time you get caught up and here’s your links to download the podcasts.

For the love of god don’t let your kids hear these, you have been warned. Remember to tune in every Thursday live at 1pm PST, that’s 4pm EST and 9pm GMT. There, that should cover most of you.

And now this…


5 thoughts on “Get Caught Up!!!

  1. Funny thing is I’ve downloaded every podcast, just haven’t had the time to listen to them. I need to fire up my MP3 player or somethin’.Maybe next semester I’ll be able to tune in live. I *almost* could this go around–very frustrating. I miss the show.As for the radio prank–wow. Potentially destroying loving relationships is funny? It just makes me sad. The world is hard enough as it is. But in this case, I guess it brought the truth out, which is good…

  2. Ok this was to last time I tried for the 10/30 show. Megaupload works great for me in minutes, but for some reason I can’t get a podcast to work from sendspace. Hopefully no more sendspace please.

  3. If you and I job hunt together, would this increase the possibility of getting hired?! :PWrites in resume: "Motivated, productive, daytime, and ready to Rock & Roll." Ohhellshityes.

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