The End of the Tour

Well it’s the end of the tour, one more show to go in Boston. These last few shows have really been fun and honestly I could go on playing this music for ages, however it’s time for some change and there’s a new Twilight Singers album to create.

Thanks to the thousands of you that have come out to support us and become part of the experience. Thanks to all the fans who have helped spread the word, I hope we did you proud.

The radio show will continue on Thursdays and I hope you will all tune in and help the station become even bigger and better.

Boston is going to be sweet.


4 thoughts on “The End of the Tour

  1. The Boston show was terrific. I feel lucky to have caught the Gutter Twins twice on the tour. From the way Greg was talking, sounds like it’ll be the last live tour for a while. Thanks for the great music.

  2. Thanks man, another great show in Boston! Did anyone tape this, btw, like for the other time in Boston? I can’t wait for new Twilight Singers!

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