I Still Love You New Orleans

New Orleans feels like my home away from home, a wonderous city that doesn’t adhere to society’s rules and litrally marches to the beat of it’s own drum.

We have recorded parts of all the Twilight Singers albums there, it’s the part-time home of Greg Dulli and the full-time home of Dave Rosser, it’s a city I will always cherish.

So the Gutter Twins are heading there tomorrow to play the Voodoo Festival Friday night, it’s going to be a great show, I saw the set list, and I hope I get the chance to run into some of you guys there. And for those of you that crave the sound of the Big Easy, here you go…


One thought on “I Still Love You New Orleans

  1. Well, I can’t even say how much I missed New Orleans – the town of my dreams! Been there about six time back in 1995-96, saw the Elastica and Motorhead in the House of The Blues. Went to that never happened last show of Blind Melon when Hoon died and have to fly back to Russia full of tears! So much memories of drinking Guinies and Harp in Irish Pub with Georgian guy who played bass in the house band! Damn, I need a drink badly…

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