Vent On My Wayward Son

Look, you know I’m not normally one to go off on people right? I mean, Christ, it’s not like I don’t have the opportunity all the time, I just don’t that’s all. Until right now.

The tour crew are just as important as the band, if they don’t do their job there’s no show, plain and simple. Joe Zavaglia is our production manager and he does a fine job, both with the Twilight Singers and the Gutter Twins. Danny Bland is our amazing tour manager and Front Street guitarist, and Steve Girton is our monitor guy, a position that means nothing to you but is invaluable to us.

Then there is the guitar tech, one of the critical components of our organization. The reason I mention this is because our tech, Davin Brown, quit on us 3 nights ago in the middle of a fucking tour because he couldn’t stop fucking up and got called out on it. Do you have any idea how unprofessional that is? How it leaves a band in the lurch, and how we have to scramble for a replacement?

Kudos to Dave Rosser for stepping up until the position is filled, we love that guy. The moral here is, do the fucking job you signed up and are getting paid to do, don’t fuck up, be a pro, and don’t act like a fucking moron. Yes Davin I’m talking to you.

Do I sound bitter? I’m not, but I will call you out on your shit. And now this…


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