Shamrocks, Leprachauns….Ah Really, Who Gives A Fuck?

Right now I’m in a hotel room in Dublin and my little brother Alex is here with me. I think the band has adopted him as our official mascot. Please do me a favor and drop him a line to let him know that chicks actually dig guys that brush their teeth. Alas I am not kidding…

Jeff and I were trying to figure out how many times we’d been here in Dublin, and we eventually gave up. Touring is such a surreal experience at times, events that truly transpired days or weeks ago seem like months or years ago. On that note thank you all for your great emails, and when I get a chance to respond I will do. Your support is never taken for granted.

If you have been following the set lists for the shows, and lets all thank the Internet for ruining any surprises shall we, you’ll have noticed Circle The Fringes is back for the last few shows. I think as the tour winds down we find ourselves wanting to play some stuff we haven’t played in a while, it makes it fun for you and for us.

It’s really comforting to sit here and listen to the sounds of the radio stream, it makes me feel just that little bit closer to home. And now check out the greatest video of recent memory (NSFW).

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