Merry Shissmas

Just for the record, I believe I have 12 weeks off smokes today. Apparently my craving for nicotine will leave me eventually, I wish it would hurry the fuck up because I’m not entirely sure if I’m out of the woods yet. Joey, our FoH man, has a bet that I’ll be the first to crack, some days I resist the temptation to smoke just to piss him off.

So here we are in Dresden, Germany, and yes it’s about as exciting as it sounds. The hotel room has no air conditioning and it’s fucking hot here, no English speaking TV stations and dial-up Internet speed wi-fi. Yep, rock and roll, such a glamorous life, wish you were here. I’ve been watching the Olympics and I have to say it’s pretty interesting, especially the part about that swimmer who’ll make 50 mil in endorsements. I know, I’m shallow.

The shows have been going great, I think we are playing really well together, and the new songs we are busting out have given the band new life. The festivals were all a blur to me, and to be honest I really prefer club shows anyway, you can’t control the atmosphere of a festival.

I’m going to try and get the stream back up as soon as I can, keep checking it, and let’s hope Bebe can follow my easy step-by-step instructions to reboot the station. God help us all.

And now this…


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