I Should Have Stayed In School

The fans in Finland were great, I had a fun show, but then again I’m biased. Right now I’m sitting on a tour bus in Sweden and I’m just pissed off. Some days life is like that, it doesn’t really take much. For instance…

I never watch MTV, but in Finland there weren’t that many English speaking channels, so I watched it. I fucking hate MTV and every cocksucker that works there or has ever worked there. However, my hatred for MTV pales in comparison to my hatred for Maroon 5 whose video I had the misfortune of watching. What the fuck is going on there people? I’m only going to say this once, if you are a fan of these fucking idiots, please stop reading this blog now and throw away the bookmark, because you are a moron. Yes, a moron.

The reason I don’t watch MTV, or try to stay up on the current music scene, is because it makes me so angry to see how much shit this pathetic industry churns out. I hope Maroon 5 all get AIDS and give it to all their families. Did I mention I haven’t slept yet?

And now, Tony Clifton.

MP3: Tony Clifton – I Will Survive


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