Nicotine? Yes Please!

OK, it’s now been five weeks since I stopped smoking. Weird thing is it was pretty easy the first few weeks, but these last two weeks have kicked my ass. I never realized how much I loved smoking, I am mourning it like a best friend has died. Don’t panic though, I am not going to smoke, and keep your positive reinforcement comments to yourself. Seriously, I want to kill people.

MP3: Cigarettes and Alcohol – Teddy’s Cheer Club
MP3: Smoking – Bill Hicks

Let’s see, in other news we’ll be taking off next week to head back out on tour and I for one am excited. Did you know that we have a new EP coming out? Get excited, it’s really good, and if you are quick you can stream our cover of Belles by Vetiver over at our MySpace page.

Sorry I haven’t had time to do radio shows lately, however I seem to have time late at night for our European friends to do shows or at least DJ, because that’s when the phone has stopped ringing from all the fucked up legal and financial shit that seems to be dominating my life right now. Did I mention I want a cigarette?

Thanks to all of you that donate to keep the station alive, I spend some time every night ripping new CD’s to MP3 and adding them to the station. We have around 25,000 songs in rotation, I hope that’s enough for now. Somehow I know Shir will still be disappointed in the selection.

And now this…


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