Let’s All Say Thank You

For those that don’t know, SFR is made possible by the donations of our listeners, it’s not cheap to run a station 24/7 and I really want to take a moment to thank the following wonderful people for making it possible.

Tim Walker, David Capelli, Keean Murrell Snape, Joshua Jabcuga, Andrea Newville, Jennifer Ludwick, Sagar Chowdhury, Ian Boyd, Heather Campbell, Damon D’Amore, Nancy Paulikas, Timothy Mowery, Chris Carmichael, Catherine de’Ath, Grant Turner, Nancy Paulikas, Shir Ben-Or, Chris Salfiti, Hila Dagan, Jesse Hahm , Jyll Richburg, Rob Bradley, Lori Atkinson, Matthew Lane, Stephanie Hairston.

If it weren’t for these folks there would be no station, or radio server, or anything, so thank you so much guys. If you would like to help keep the station alive you can donate to our Paypal account at fordradio@gmail.com.


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