Radio Free Europe

It seems that every show we’ve done so far, people come up and introduce themselves as listeners of the show. In fact tonight in Manchester someone shouted out ‘Scott Ford Radio Rocks‘ really, really loud, I didn’t know where to look but I’m sure I blushed.

I really love doing the radio show, and it seems like so many of you like listening, you can bet there will be a bunch of shows when I get home in May for a break, I have so much new music to play you.

Little Radio want to cut my show back to 2 hours and move it to Friday, this is something I’m not really happy about. Ideally I would like to do daily 2 hour shows, 5 days a week from home. If we can afford to bump up our listener slots to 50 then I think this is the way to go.

So what do you think? This is just as much your show as it is mine and your feedback is appreciated. And yes, we took that picture 5 minutes ago on the tour bus. Dave was hungry.

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