Don’t Stop Believing

Well, Southgate House was a really fun show, probably the most fun I’ve personally had yet on this tour. The crowd was feisty, the room was hot and sweaty, and Greg’s mom brought steak sandwiches for us, and you know that’s a good thing.

Thanks a lot to all of you that showed up last night to pack the place.

Afterwards we got to hang out with the fans and chat for while before retiring to the karaoke bar that was happening in the club. Somehow, and I’m not sure how, Rachel from Great Northern talked me into doing friggin’ karaoke.

So there we were belting out our lungs to Journey, dancing like crazy and generally having a good laugh. I’m not the biggest fan of karaoke, but somehow Rachel made it alright. The rest of my band stood there and filmed it so I’m sure some bastard will put it up on youtube before too long.


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