How About Some Music?

Well, being a music blog, it’s about time I posted some music around here. Enjoy.

MP3: Methamphetamine Blues – The Gutter Twins (live in Seattle)
MP3: Seven Nation Army – Nostalgia 77
MP3: To Love Somebody – The Flying Burrito Brothers
MP3: Eleanor Rigby – Kim Weston
MP3: Streets Of Philadelphia – Marah
MP3: The River Rise – Mark Lanegan (live KNDD)
MP3: Remember Me – British Sea Power

And while I’m in the posting mood, here’s my top Black Crowes songs for today. And yes, it does change every day. Man I’m on a Crowes kick lately and I’m loving it.

MP3: God’s Got It (Warpaint)
MP3: No Speak No Slave (SHAMC)
MP3: Sting Me (SHAMC)
MP3: Descending (Amorica)
MP3: My Morning Song – Live (SHAMC)


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