New York City

A review from last night posted on our message board:

OK – been to the show. What to say? How about absolutely mindblowing. Up there with the very best gigs I’ve been to, and I’m struggling to think of one ever that surpassed it. Seriously, it was that good.

Right – bear in mind that this was the first ever Gutter Twins show and the first time I’m aware of that Greg Dulli has ever had to fully share the limelight. I was looking forward to the show but figured it would probably be a bit rough around the edges and probably a bit work in progress. Not a bit of it – I reckon that there has been some serious rehearsal time. The band were tight as anything and Dulli and Lanegan worked amazing well together. To my ear, Dulli has never sounded so go as when he has a Lanegan backing vocal going on. The onstage chemistry also works surprisingly well with Lanegan rooted to the spot (as is his way) whilst Dulli rocks out around him.

So to the show. They played an hour to start with. Mainly new material plus a couple of Twilight Singers songs. Live With Me got a particularly great reception, and the version was sublime. I cannot wait for the new album as the new stuff sounds amazing – always dark, but some with sparse arrangements and others as pretty much full out rockers. Lanegan probably gets slightly more of the vocal duties but only marginally and a number of songs are shared.

So to the encore…

Dulli announces “Songs that you’ll know”. Hell yeah. Half an hour or so trawling their combined back catalogue. Apologies as I don’t remember the Whigs titles but hearing them duet on River Rise and Metaamphetimine Blues was out of this world. Each song other than No Easy Action and the trimmed down Shadow Of The Season had shared vocals at one point or another and I’d say that they’ve rarely sounded better. We even got the spectacle of Lanegan smiling at one point.

An astonishing night and I’d be amazed if anyone left the show in any state other than mind-blown. Certainly the people I spoke to afterwards, shared my opinion. A total triumph.

Do anything to get a ticket if you are even slightly partial to either of these guys. Raid the kids’ piggy banks, auction off your granny, sell off internal organs – just do it. The show really will not disappoint. Just hoping next week’s show is in the same league.

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