Monday Mashup

For those that love gadgets (I can’t live without my iPhone), CES 2008 has kicked off and CNN are running complete coverage. If anyone in my family is reading this, apparently LCD TV’s are getting cheaper (hint hint). I don’t get excited by much these days, but what shoes do for my wife, electronics do for me.

I posted a bunch of links for new bootlegs in the forum, including Roxy Music and T-Rex, some of my faves. If you haven’t joined the forum yet you are really missing out on some great music, and also our new Gutter Twins forum.

The Little Radio show will be back on the air this coming Thursday so remember to tune in and see what we’ve been up to over the holidays.

And in one last bit of news, the Black Crowes have announced a new tour where they will be playing their new album, Warpaint, in it’s entirety. Bring Marc Ford back and I might consider going.

Also I wanted to say a big thanks to all of you that contributed to the home radio stream this weekend, your donations are greatly appreciated. Here’s some songs for you.

MP3: The Dynamics – I Want To Thank You
MP3: Kaiser Chiefs – Thank You Very Much
MP3: Led Zep – Thank You


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