Home Radio Stream Update

First off I want to say a big thanks to all of you that have donated to make the home radio stream a reality, and I hope you are enjoying the music. I just wanted to let you guys know what’s happening with it and how the money is spent.

I have a pretty good PC laying around here that just needed a hard drive, so we bought a 320 gig one, and that will be used as a dedicated server for the stream which makes sense for stability and will also allow me to have my work comp back.

I also bought SAM Broadcaster which is the software that allows us to create the stream and is a really pro application.

We have almost 19000 songs in the library right now and the goal is to have 20000 before I have to leave in February, that means about 2-3 months of continuous play before ever repeating a song.

Our server host costs $40 a month and we have just under $100 in our Paypal account right now after costs for software and hardware. If you would like to be a benefactor of the station and donate you can always do so at our Paypal account, fordradio@gmail.com. We keep a thread on the forums of our benefactors, but if you wish to remain anonymous that’s cool too.

Thanks again for helping to provide an alternative to crappy radio.


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